Fair Trade Coffee

While seasoned coffee drinkers all over rejoice at the comfort of knowing that organic coffee beans are touched only by Mother Nature herself, the way in which they are harnessed is of concern as well. That is the beauty of organic fair trade coffee. The peace of mind brought about by the bold, earthy aroma wafting from your steamy hot mug is supported by the assurance that no animals were harmed in the process- and also, the farmer that slaved away to extract the precious many coffee beans able to be purchased by you just made a killing! Just kidding. However, it does mean that the producers of the coffee beans benefit just as greatly as the buyers! Thus, FAIR trade. And doesn’t that feel good? That’s almost as satisfying as being able to tell the small, dedicated coffee farm, “Hey, your hard work made a big difference in my day, and for that I want to help you by using my purchasing power!”. While fair trade coffee is a fairly new concept, the integrity of the organic beans are never sacrificed- the result is gourmet coffee with no added worries.

Coffee production is very labor intensive, and many people around the world are becoming more aware of the sources of their products and how they were derived. Also, those that exercise more environmentally-friendly production techniques are gaining vast support from consumers who are making the decision to go “green”. Widely-known companies, such as Starbucks Coffee Company, have already joined the fair trade coffee movement and are publicizing the benefit of purchasing fair trade products. All agricultural fair trade products can be identified by a label posting by the Fair Trade Federation stating the product as being “certified”. Fair trade certified coffee can be purchased from most supermarkets, either through wholesale coffee suppliers or through supporting online organic coffee retailers. With coffee ranking as second to the most traded commodity in the world, oil, it is no wonder habitual and happy coffee-drinkers are switching to organic fair trade coffee and making an even bigger impact.


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